Murray Reddock

Service Manager


With 30 years in the financial services sector, Murray is a distinguished industry veteran, having led his own successful Mortgage Broking business for 15 years. He holds a Certificate IV and a Diploma in FinancialServices, specialising in Finance/Mortgage Broking and Management, underscoring his comprehensive industry knowledge.

Murray’s commitment to excellence has earned him several accolades, including the notable “Plan Australia QLD CEO Award” in 2010, recognising his exemplary customer service, professionalism, and in-depth product knowledge. He was also honoured with the QLD Excellence Award for BestLender Relationships, further solidifying his standing in the field.

Featured in “The Adviser” for his significant contributions,Murray has been dubbed an “Elite Broker” by a leading Australian Bank. His extensive portfolio of achievements is complemented by heartfelt endorsements from satisfied clients, attesting to the positive, lasting impact of his services.

Murray is unwaveringly dedicated to ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience for all his clients, embodying his mission to turn their financial aspirations into reality. His enduring professionalism and insightful expertise position him as a trusted advisor and a guiding beacon in the realm of financial empowerment.